Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just a little somethin' I took on the way home from work...

I was driving home from work and it was very cloudy. As I over-looked a farm field, I couldn't resist. I pulled over and in a minute or two, had my pic.  This is an HDR photo which means that I took three photos in succession; 1 light, 1 dark, and 1 standard, and combined them to get all the highlights and mid-tones.  

Vida and Darren - Santa Barbara, Ca.

I was hired for a half day, in other words, for only four hours.  I wish it was more because it was so much fun! These newlyweds are terrific for each other as you can see in the pics. The wedding took place at the beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse. Good luck, Darren and Vida!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Nipomo Little League - Challenger's

I attended the Challenger's opening game, not just as a photographer, but as a father. My son was on the team and was the first batter. The Challenger's is a special team for special players. It was truly amazing watching all of these kids and their parents put forth so much effort to make this happen. The results could not have been better. Everyone had giant grins on their faces! I had joyous tears streaming down my face the whole time. Other kids from the neighborhood were helping out, by escorting the players to their bases, or helping them field the balls. Their parents didn't make them do this, either. This experience was so moving. It's not often enough we get to witness LOVE at it's finest, but when it does happen, there is nothing like it. There is still good in the world...

 My favorite pic of the day. His smile sums up the feeling of everyone who attended.

Look at those smiles!! That's my son, Caden, running to first with a huge grin.

 Look at that hit!

Everyone had a chance to play.

 Running so fast, he smoked the bases!

What a great swing. Base hit!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Composites

I am new to compositing images, and any type of layering for that matter. I have never used Photoshop,
but recently started using Perfect Photo Suite 7 and it rocks! I love playing around with it. Right now, I am just practicing with layers and images, as you can see below.

These photos were obviously taken in Pismo Beach. All I did here was remove the background with the Perfect Brush in Perfect Effects and added a new sky, then an effects layer or two.

The Sky moaned, and the Earth listened

 Pismo of yesteryear

It was known as The Great Pismo Fire

Saturday, February 1, 2014

UFO's on the Central Coast?

Are these old pictures proof that aliens exist? 

I recently went to an estate sale and purchased a "surprise box", you know, a box of unknowns that some rich folks owned, hoping to find something of more value than you paid for it. The contents contained items such as a pair of shoes, a lamp, and other unremarkable trinkets. There were also a bunch of old photos, nothing of which stood out to me..... except for three in particular. 

UFO, Conspiracy, Pismo Beach, California, Government, cover-up, proof, ancient, astronaut, alien, greys, This picture titled "UFO in Pismo Beach, Ca 1959" clearly shows what appears to be a strange craft flying behind the Pismo Beach marquee in downtown Pismo. The UFO is very similar to the one's I would see in documentaries and pictures of UFO conspiracies as a kid. 

UFO, Conspiracy, Suey Creek, California, Government, cover-up, proof, ancient, astronaut, alien, greys,
This picture is titled "UFO over Suey Creek, Ca 1962" again, shows a strange craft flying over the hills. I live in Suey Creek, and would have loved to witness this "thing" flying over head.

UFO, Conspiracy, Santa Barbara, mission,Courthouse, California, Government, cover-up, proof, ancient, astronaut, alien, greys,
 This one is titled "UFO photographed at the Santa Barbara Courthouse, Ca., 1961" which shows the photographers uncanny ability to capture strange flying discs. I actually don't know if it is the same photographer or not, but either way, the timing is remarkable.


Ok, here's the skinny - I made these photos and the story that accompanies them. They are not real. I'm sure to people who are accustomed to photo manipulation, they look obviously "Photoshopped".  I have been a photographer for some time now, and have never used photoshop for anything. Never. I still don't. I have tried to outline images with the lasso or whatever, and felt it to be cumbersome and not intuitive. Besides, I didn't really need layers. 

I recently purchased Perfect Photo Suite 7 from onOne Software, and it is fantastic!  It is a complete stand-alone application, but also works as plug-ins for Photoshop and PS elements, Lightroom, and Aperture. It has this masking brush that allows you to brush the backgrounds away very easily, and a new feature called the Perfect Brush, with edge detection, which continuously copies the background that's directly under the center of the brush, and allows you to paint away edges with even greater ease, even through hair and trees. Now, I am brand new to layers of any kind, but I can say that I love the manipulation and control of it. Layers really opens up a whole new world. Of course, I would never try to fool someone purposely, as I find that to be immoral and unethical. I just thought this would be a fun exercise to practice with and develop my skills with layers. 

I will admit that I wished I had tried to learn Photoshop sooner, but then again, I might have not discovered Perfect Photo Suite 7 from onOne. Seriously! Try it out. I think Perfect Photo Suite 8 has just been released.

So, here's the manipulated image again:

Here are the images in their original form, before using Perfect Layers from onOne:

In the first manipulated picture, I combined these two pics, then added B & W, with a little film grain and a blur brush tool with Perfect Effects.

Next, the Suey Creek image:

I used the two images below, with the same effects and blur tool.

Yes, the UFO is a street Lamp from the Lompoc Mission! 

And the final photo:

I picture of the Santa Barbara Courthouse...

....with a picture from google images.

So, there you go. UFO's are real! Ok, I'm kidding. I really love the UFO culture, though. You could say I'm a fan. And I  love the new Perfect Photo Suite from onOne. It is a lot of fun to mess with images. I think I just opened a can of worms. Or Pandora's Box.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinewood Derby, Nipomo Community Park

The Pinewood Derby is hosted annually by the Cub Scouts Pack 405 at Nipomo Community Park. It is very popular among local youths aged 6-10. The contestants build their own cars and have them weighed to proper specifications the night before the race. Then the cars are held by officials until moments before the race. Also, every car get's a turn in every lane just to be fair.\